Copyright for Cuno Amiet

All forms of creative work by Cuno Amiet in all media are protected by copyright and may not be published without the explicit consent of the copyright holder.


“The copyright holder has the sole right

to determine if, when and how the work is used.”

(Article 10 (1) of the Swiss Federal Copyright Act)


Breach of copyright has major consequences, and may give rise to claims for damages by the holder. It may also result in a written warning, an injunction, a fine or imprisonment. Hence it is important to comply with copyright law.


Copyright is held by the Estate of Cuno Amiet.


If you wish to publish a work of Cuno Amiet, please consult us about rights of utilisation and exploitation; these consist of various usage rights such as reproduction, manufacturing, presentation, performance, filming, translation, recycling in other media, renting, broadcasting, etc.


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