Amiet Kunstplatz Oschwand

As a result of continuous work over generations, three different entities have emerged from Cuno Amiet's legacy, each with its own tasks and objectives:


Amiet Kunstplatz Oschwand / Vamo AG

The Amiet Kunstplatz Oschwand is managed by Vamo AG, based in Aarau. The managing director is the great-great-grandson of Cuno Amiet, Mr Marc Thalmann. The interactive exhibition on Cuno Amiet can only be visited with prior registration and purchase of a ticket via the website As these tours are only offered on certain dates, a spontaneous visit to the Amiet Kunstplatz Oschwand is not possible. The Amiet Kunstplatz Oschwand is available to companies and private individuals for individually designed events and offers a unique and inspiring environment where art and business come together to promote creativity. Other specially designed events round off the offer.


Fondation Cuno Amiet

The descendants of Cuno Amiet wish to preserve this major artistic heritage and promote and raise awareness of Cuno Amiet the man and his work in its cultural and social context. The Fondation Cuno Amiet was set up for this purpose in 2017 by Cuno Amiet’s great-grandson, Mr Daniel Thalmann. The Fondation Cuno Amiet acts as an information and service centre for all questions concerning Cuno Amiet. It works closely with artistic institutions. The Fondation Cuno Amiet supports art lovers, academics, writers and exhibition curators by providing information and historic material. The Amiet Archive has the world’s largest collection of written documents, photographs, film documents and objects from the life of Cuno Amiet. It is also responsible for all knowledge transfer at the Amiet Kunstplatz Oschwand.


Estate of Cuno Amiet

The estate of Cuno Amiet has always been looked after by the family, now in its 3rd generation. It is responsible for the management of the copyright, manages the entire estate and lends works to national and international exhibitions.